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    Your satisfaction is very important to us. Greyware has a reputation for fast, courteous service, and for products that do exactly what they claim to do. We will do whatever we can to ensure that you are pleased with both our software and our service.

    Basic Free Upgrades and Technical Support

      All Greyware Automation Products software includes one year of free email-only tech support (see Email Support below) and free minor upgrades. A minor upgrade is a patch or enhancement that does not change the version number. For example, if the version number changes from 2.4 to 2.5, this would not be a free upgrade. This support cannot be renewed.

    Annual Software Maintenance Contract/Priority Support

      You can enhance your support options and protect your investment by getting an annual software maintenance contract. Software maintenance gives you unlimited priority tech support by phone or email, including fixes, patches, or upgrades, at no further charge for the duration of the contract.

      You can choose* to purchase an annual software maintenance contract when you purchase your software through the online store or by contacting us directly. Your paid invoice is your proof of purchase. Software maintenance automatically renews every year (we'll send you a bill), and as long as you pay the renewal, you can continue getting unlimited phone and email support and unlimited upgrades.

      Software maintenance coverage must be purchased in minimum increments of one full year. The coverage period for software maintenance starts at the date of the original license purchase. Maintenance coverage must be maintained continuously from the date of original license purchase. If maintenance lapses, software licenses and maintenance must be repurchased to reinstate coverage.

      * Maintenance coverage is mandatory on certain types of licenses, such as Site or Enterprise licenses, or when "truing-up" license counts with existing licenses already under maintenance.

    Ways to obtain Technical Support

      Online KnowledgeBase
        We maintain an online knowledgebase of commonly-asked questions and their solutions. If you are having trouble with one of our products, you should search the knowledgebase before asking for tech support. Hint: Add the term "KB" to your search to find knowledgebase articles. For example, searching for KB leap second will display KB articles about leap seconds.

      Email Support

        All customers may write to at any time for technical assistance. We answer most queries within a business day (and often within an hour or two).

        Software Maintenance Contract customers should note that email inquiries after hours are usually responded to faster than phone messages, because email always gets routed to the technicians on duty, whether they are in the office at the moment or not.

      Priority Phone Support

        Customers with a Software Maintenance Contract may call 972-867-2794 for technical support during regular business hours. After hours, you may leave a voice-mail message, and we will call you back as soon as possible (no later than the next business day).

        Our normal business hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time, Monday through Friday. We observe most U.S. national holidays.

        It is 11:13:18 PM on Monday in Dallas at the moment. The office is closed right now, but you may leave a voice mail at 972-867-2794. Better yet, send an email to

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