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You may import or export Domain Time II configuration settings using the utilities on this page.

    Starting with version 5.1, Domain Time Client can import/export its settings using a standard Windows Registry .reg file. This allows you to easily make backup copies of the settings, create a custom .reg file to use as a template for configuring other machines, or to use in creating a custom installation package or script.

    The Import/Export function automatically excludes any settings that are machine-specific so that the .reg file may safely be imported on any other copy of Domain Time Client (of the same version) without causing disruption.


 Save Settings to File 

Save Settings:        
  Overwrite existing file

This section allows you to save the current configuration to a .reg file.

    The .reg file will be created using the currently configured options of the Client. You should review each of the settings of the Control Panel applet to be sure that they are correct before exporting the file.

    If you expect to be importing the .reg file on machines that need differing configurations (such as for machines in different cities that use different time sources), you should configure the applet for each configuration, and then export a separate .reg file for it.

    You may use exported .reg files as template files for installing/upgrading multiple machines using Domain Time Manager. Template files need to be located in the C:\Program Files\Domain Time II\Templates\[Server][Client]\ folder of the Domain Time II Manager machine. Template .reg files located in those folders will automatically be made available for use when installing or upgrading using Manager.

    Note, if you launched the Control Panel applet using Manager, the export utility will automatically offer to save the .reg file in the proper directory on the Manager machine. Otherwise, you will have to manually save or copy the file to the Templates folder on the Manager machine.

    Exported templates may be edited manually using any text editor. Templates may contain all exported settings, or only the specific settings you want to change.

    IMPORTANT: Although .reg files created using this utility are saved in standard Windows registry file format, it is not equivalent to exporting the registry keys using Windows' RegEdit program. A number of registry settings on a running Domain Time system are machine-specific, and are likely to cause problems if directly copied into another machine's registry. Those settings are automatically excluded when you export using this utility, so you should always use this utility to create a Domain Time .reg file.


 Load Settings from File 

 Installation defaults (the settings used when Domain Time was first installed on this machine)
 Choose File:         
  Do not prompt for confirmation

Use this section to import the default settings or a custom .reg file.

     Installation defaults (the settings used when Domain Time was first installed on this machine)
    This selection will reload the settings file that was used when the product was installed.

      The file is named dtclient.reg and is located in the /System32 folder on a running system. This is the default file used during installation. See the Rollout page of the installation instructions for more information on using this file as a setup template.

     Choose File:
    Use this to import an existing .reg file.

      CAUTION: It may be necessary to restart the Domain Time Client service after importing the settings file.

      Although the .reg file is saved in standard Windows Registry file format and you can install it by clicking on the .reg file in Windows Explorer, it is usually better practice to import the file using this utility since it does additional validation checking on the values and attempts to exclude items not appropriate to this version or machine.


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