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Domain Time II > v5 > Configuration > Client > Windows Event Viewer

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Windows Event Viewer  Windows Event Viewer
Domain Time II Client
Version 5.2

This page specifies whether Domain Time service activity will be echoed to the Windows Event logs.

Note: If you see the Policy Applied Group Policy applied indicator in the lower-left corner of the applet, there are settings on this page that are being overridden by an Active Directory Group Policy. Settings controlled by policy may be greyed-out or you may be otherwise prevented from making a change here. See the Active Directory page for more information on using Group Policies.

Some levels of logging can create a significant amount of data. The Windows Event logs can be difficult to read, or the Event Log process may even have problems recording all the data when large amounts of log activity are generated.

You should consider using only the Error level when using the Event Logs unless you generate a very small amount of logging data overall. In general, Text or Syslog logging is a better choice for keeping more detail.


 Event Viewer 

Log Level:    

The Log Level drop-down chooses what type of entries to include in the Event logs. You can increase or decrease the amount of information logged as needed.

    The available levels are (in increasing amount of detail):

    • Disabled
      Domain Time will not log events to the Windows Event Logs.

    • Errors
      Only messages marked as Errors will be logged

    • Warnings
      Logs will include Errors and Warnings

    • Information
      Includes Errors, Warnings, and information on the activity of the time service, such as time sources contacted, amount of clock correction, etc.

    • Trace
      Includes all of the above, plus detailed information on time setting and time sample analysis.

    • Debug
      Includes all available information provided by the service.


      The amount of data generated by Debug logging can easily overwhelm the Event Log system. Use Text or Syslog logs for debugging instead.


     Event IDs 

    Event IDCategoryMeaning of Event ID
    1000SuccessGeneric success (examine text for details)
    1001WarningGeneric warning (examine text for details)
    1002ErrorGeneric error (examine text for details)
    2001SuccessTime set successfully
    3000WarningUnable to set the time from any source
    3001WarningProtocol error while trying to obtain the time
    3009WarningClock-Change Monitor is disabled
    4009ErrorClock-Change Monitor trigger detected

    The listed Event ID codes can be used to filter for Domain Time events in the Event Viewer. The Event Source field on the Event records will be Domain Time Server.

    If you're considering using the Event Viewer for live system monitoring purposes, you may want to investigate the SNMP Traps function or Service Status Monitor to be more efficient.


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